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ECV 205K 0Based in Worcester England 1991
EDK 157L 0Based in Stafford England 2115
EEA 817J 0Based in Walsall England 2305
EGH 69J 0Based in Chigwell Village England 2252
EHA 977K 0Based in Warminster England 2089
EHV 988J 0Based in Brentwood England 2256
EHW 103K 0Based in Cwm Ebbw Vale Wales 2212
EJW 204J 0Based in Offerton Green, Stockport England 2133
EKD 157L 0Based in Edinburgh Scotland 2301
EKK 693K 0Based in Bristol England 2275
EMC 897J 0Based in London England 2075
EMC 905J 0Based in Goole England 1935
ENW 15K 0Based in Edwardville England 2092
EPJ 80L 0Based in Norwich England 2313
EPL 41J 0Based in Aberdeen Scotland 2365
EPM 173K 0Based in Ammanford Wales 2149
EPM 661M 0Based in  England 1738
EYM 228J 0Based in Choppington England 2402
  SGX 469L Add To Gallery: Login
Viewed: 14641

Last known location:
Birmingham England

Current condition:

850 cc

Wheel base:
Three wheeler

Driven to Gibraltar 2016 via Dover and following the coastline, returning via Andorra, Monaco and the Alps a 5485 mile round trip.
(see pic 1)

Driven to the North Cape 2008 the very top of Norway via Dover, a 5500 mile round trip.
(see pic 2)

Leaning Tower of Pisa (pic 5)

Driven to Malta 2006 a 5600 mile round trip
(see pic 6).

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Rory Lovely Motor, the best of the four Bugs I have owned

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Rory Nov 2002 to date Birmingham Site Member
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